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Used Luxury Yachts For Sale

Though it may seem counter-intuitive at first, it truly is possible to save quite a bit of money when purchasing a used luxury yacht. The staff here at Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales has a world of experience when it comes to luxury yacht sales, and we can help you with your purchase every step of the way. With our help, you can devote more of your time and money to actually enjoying your yacht.

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The first and perhaps most important way we can save you money on your used luxury yacht is by helping you find the craft that best fits your budget. We have contacts the world over, and we cycle through many pre-owned crafts on a daily basis. If you give us the chance, we will devote all of our energy to finding you the best luxury yacht to fit your criteria, and then negotiating the best price possible for you.

Finding the perfect yacht is truly just the beginning for us, though. After we find a boat that you approve of, we will help arrange a visual inspection so that you can actually see the boat you are considering purchasing. We can also help you find a qualified marine surveyor as well as a marine documentation agent. The latter will ensure that your title transfer is hassle-free and completely legitimate.

We will help you find marine financing, insurance, trucking, delivery, and any other yacht-related services you might need. All of this money-saving service is absolutely free of charge to buyers. If you would like to speak to one of our team members, please feel free to call us at (401) 246-2100, fax us at (401) 246-0069, or e-mail us at homeport@AnchorYachts.com.