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Tor Pinney's Book
      with illustrations by Bruce Bingham

Ready for Sea!

How to Outfit the Modern Cruising Sailboat and Prepare Your Vessel and Yourself for Extended Passagemaking and Living Aboard

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Available at book stores, online, or by calling toll-free: 

1-888-SHERIBK (743-7425)
Sheridan House, Publishers

Ready for Sea! is a comprehensive handbook about how to prepare a sailboat for extended cruising and living aboard. The author considers the equipment, systems and modifications that will transform a basic sailboat - one already operational and of sound construction - into a long range cruiser. There is a wide range of topics covered, from the bare essentials to countless improvements on deck and below, to safety afloat, electronics, and much more. The outfitting checklists are the most thorough of their kind.

Ready for Sea! is well balanced, accurate, reliable and exceedingly accessible. Pinney's voice is laidback and engaging. The author's own cruising boats have ranged from engineless gaff-riggers to systems-intensive contemporary yachts, and his experience is broader than that of most cruisers. This is the perfect book for those who are thinking about converting or upgrading a boat for use as a long-term cruiser.

Bruce Bingham illustrated Ready for Sea! with the eye of a Naval Architect and the hand of a seasoned nautical artist. Perhaps best known for his illustrated column in Cruising World and his book, The Sailor's Sketchbook , Bingham also designed the famous Flicka pocket cruiser and the Trinka dinghy. His drawings in Pinney's book are crisp, clear and self-explanatory. 

Tor Pinney is an international yacht broker and a worldwide dealer for Valiant Yachts offshore cruising sailboats. He is also a U.S. Coast Guard licensed Ocean Master, a former offshore delivery captain and Caribbean charter skipper, and a world-cruising sailor of considerable experience. He has lived aboard sailboats much of his adult life and has logged nearly 150,000 nautical miles under sail. Tor's articles appear in national boating magazines in the U.S. and abroad, including Cruising World, SAIL, Yachting, Ocean Navigator, Latitudes & Attitudes, Cruising Helmsman, Motorboat and Yachting, Yachting World and others. He presently lives in Barrington, Rhode Island, but is planning to resume his voyaging in the not too distant future.

Herb McCormick , editor of Cruising World magazine and yachting correspondent for The New York Times , wrote, "For the fledgling cruising sailor with long-distance dreams, Tor Pinney's entertaining writing style, combined with his hard-earned experience gleaned from tens of thousands of miles of ocean sailing, proves to be an irresistible combination. From the top of the mast to the bottom of the keel - and everywhere in between - with considerable authority and crystal clarity, Ready for Sea! dissects the essentials for the contemporary voyaging sailboat."

The Author Writes: 

"When I was a teenager, I was invited to go for a day sail aboard a friend's family yacht, a 35' sloop, on the Long Island Sound. The sail was exhilarating! A stiff breeze and a white-capped chop brought the little ship to life. But what really impressed me, what absolutely electrified my young imagination the more I recognized its implications, was what I discovered belowdecks. I had never before seen the inside of a proper yacht that size. 'This is incredible,' I thought. 'There's a kitchen, a desk and a dining table, a bathroom, beds, books - why, YOU COULD ACTUALLY LIVE IN ONE OF THESE...AND TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD!'

"Well, that was the beginning of the end. I was so moved by the experience that from that day forward I've been hopelessly obsessed with the idea, the lifestyle, the freedom and pure joy of liveaboard cruising. Now, after having lived aboard sailboats for a couple of decades and logging nearly 150,000 nautical miles, I've summarized much of what I've learned in Ready for Sea!

"This book is about outfitting today's cruising sailboat for long distance voyaging. In it we consider the equipment, systems and modifications that transform a basic "sail-away" boat - one already operational and of sound construction - into a long range cruiser thoroughly prepared to carry a liveaboard crew across oceans to visit distant shores."

Even if your cruising is limited to short vacation excursions, every captain strives to do all he can to prepare himself and his ship for any eventuality. The goal is to be safe, comfortable, confident and self sufficient through good planning. Ready for Sea! will definitely help you achieve that goal.


If you're even thinking about setting sail for distant horizons, read this book!

Available at book stores, online, or by calling toll-free:

1-800-888-SHERIBK (743-7425)
Sheridan House, Publishers

Read What others are saying about Ready for Sea!