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Mega Luxury Yachts

Even within the world of luxury yachts, there are distinctions to be made. There are standard yachts, and then for those who wish to take their yachting experience to a whole new level, there are mega luxury yachts. Mega yachts are yachts that go beyond the standard levels of size and luxury to offer a seafaring experience like no other. At Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales, we offer a number of different mega luxury yachts for our customers.

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Perhaps one of the finest of the mega luxury yachts is the enviable Sapphire 100. The Sapphire 100 sets the standard for luxury mega yachts with its unique combination of size, sleekness, and ultimate luxury. Measuring in at 100 feet, the Sapphire 100's exterior portion is divided up into four main areas, each of which is finished in teak flooring.

Perhaps one of the most impressive entertainment areas of the Sapphire 100 is the lounge area. The lounge can be fully customized by Sapphire, but it comes standard with such luxury accoutrements as a large plasma screen TV, and a wet bar area. The lounge also has elegant lighting, a beautiful dining area, and a refrigerator and freezer--it's the perfect place to create a party atmosphere.

Though we offer plenty of brand new yachts, we also have access to a number of pre-owned mega luxury yachts. If you're interested in getting a luxury yacht for less, buying used is often the way to go. We can help you narrow down your criteria and generate a premier customized listing of mega yachts that fulfill your needs. To find out more about our mega yachts, you can call us at (401) 246-2100, fax us at (401) 246-0069, or even e-mail us at homeport@AnchorYachts.com.