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Bluewater Sailboats

At Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales, we're proud to broker bluewater sailboats. These offshore cruising vessels include Valiant Yachts and Outbound Yachts, two of the top manufacturers in the industry. Bluewater sailboats are constructed differently than boats intended for shore or lake cruising. These boats are tougher, designed to handle the open sea.

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Designers of bluewater sailboats need to take into consideration the extra weight their boats will carry. Longer voyages require more equipment, tankage, and possibly more crew members. Extra weight affects everything from hull design to keel placement. If you're intending to sail offshore, be sure you choose a boat that's designed for such use.

Anchor Yacht & Ship Sales offers multiple ways to find the bluewater sailboat you're looking for. You can use either of our search engines to seek out boats that meet your specific criteria, or if you're ready to make a purchase within the next month or two, we can compile a list of available crafts for you to browse. We're all avid sailors ourselves, and we bring our enthusiasm for boating into every single customer transaction. We want you to enjoy your new boat, as well as the process of purchasing it.

The depth of our experience means we're adept at matching boats to buyers, no matter your needs. We'd love to talk to you about your next sailboat purchase--tell us what you're looking for and how much you're thinking of spending. We'll match you up with the best boat out there! We can be reached at (401) 246-2100; you can also fax us at (401) 246-0069 or e-mail us at homeport@AnchorYachts.com.